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What a busy first two weeks we have had in school! We have only just started staying for lunch but we have learnt so much and made so many new friends. We have all managed to put our belongings away and find our carpet spaces in the morning ready for registration and are becoming more independent every day. We are enjoying our school dinners, having fun on the scooters and bikes and loving being able to use our outdoor classroom in the September sunshine! We’ve started learning lots in our phonics lesson and have enjoyed exploring different media and materials such as pens, whiteboards, paints, play dough and sand. We’ve all also enjoyed our first P.E lesson and are looking forward to more fun outdoors over the coming weeks. Here are a few photos from our first few weeks at Huish.



Gore Farm Trip

We went to Gore Farm to learn about the animals that live there. We saw cows, calves, pigs, goats, sheep and lots of crops including wheat and barley.

The farmer took us around his farm and allowed us to give the calves their morning milk. They were really thirsty! After that we met the pigs and the goats who were really friendly. They wanted to find their food!

Just before lunch we met some of the farmer's baby birds. He showed us a 2 day old baby duckling and some baby chicks and baby hens.

We enjoyed a picnic lunch before walking down to the woods for our mini beast hunt. We were lucky enough to find loots of bugs hiding in the woodland.

We had a fantastic day at Gore Farm!

New Playground Markings

We have been enjoying our new outdoor area activities. We ride our bikes and scooters following the direction of the arrows and we stop at the zebra crossing.

Sock Farm

Our Reception classes made the annual visit to Sock Farm.
Mr Snell showed us around the farm and we saw the milking parlour, the barn and the cornfields.
We saw cows, calves, pigs and piglets. Now we know more about where our food comes from and understand the meaning of “dairy”.

Sandwich making

In our ‘Talk boost’ Group we have been having lots of fun making sandwiches. We had to talk about what to do first, next and after that in order to make a fantastic jam sandwich.

We took them home to enjoy!  What a lot of fun! 

The Little Red Hen

We have been learning about the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’  We all took on different characters and used puppets to re-enact the story.

We liked pretending to be ‘the cat, the dog, the duck and the pig.  We are beginning to use lots more expression in our storytelling.  

Bread Making

We have been making our own bread in Class 1.  We took some flour, water, yeast and salt and made a dough.  We had to kneed the dough before making it into little roll shapes.  

although it didn’t rise much we had lots of fun making it.


The Three Little Pigs

We have been hearing lots of different stories about ‘The Three Little Pigs.’  In our outside classroom we have been pretending to be the Three little pigs using masks.  We have also been writing lots of lovely letters from the wolf to say ’sorry’ for blowing the Three little pigs houses down!  


Buddy Reading

We are really enjoying our Buddy reading with Year 2.  


Week 2 with the chicks  2nd– 6th March

After a weekend filled with plenty of rest the chicks have really grown!  Today in school we took them out of their box to take a closer look at them.  We were all really quiet and still so as not to frighten them and learnt that their different colours helps us to identify if they are boys or girls.  The bright yellow chicks are the boys and the brown chicks are the girls. 

We have really loved having them in school and will be sad to wave them goodbye at the end of the week.  They are heading to a farmer who has plenty of space for them and we are sure they are going to be well looked after in their next new home too!     

Day 5  - Friday 29th February

With all our baby chicks now hatched today the new little hatchlings enjoyed their first full day in their new heat box.  This weekend they are heading home with Miss Edmonds to ensure they have plenty of clean water and food to help them grow bigger and stronger.

Day 4 - Thursday 28th February 

Another exciting morning in the class 1!  All but one of our remaining eggs hatched overnight meaning we were greeted by lots of chirping and pecking in the incubator.  With only one egg lefts to hatch we watched closely throughout the day for signs of cracking or movement in this remaining egg.  We were not disappointed.  By 11am the final egg had also hatched giving us a healthy 10 chicks to look after over the coming week.  With so much activity today and so many chicks in the small incubator is was time to move the strongest ones to their new heat box and let them get familiar with their new home for their next week with us.

Living Eggs - Chicks have hatched!

This morning Class One were very excited to discover that over night one of the chicks had hatched.  As today was the expected day for the chicks arrival it did not take long before another little chick had worked hard to break it’s way out of it’s shell.  It was obvious the baby chicks were exhausted after just hatching as they needed to spend a lot of time resting and gaining strength in order to be able to stand up and take their first proper look at the world.

We are keeping a constant eye on the incubator as another egg has a small crack in the shell so we don’t think it will take long before we see another new arrival!  

What an exciting week it is in Class 1.

Living Eggs

Linking into our Spring topic of ‘Birds’, Classes 1 and 2 are now proud carers of some Living eggs!  Arriving early on our first day back of term, 10 eggs are comfortably ebbing kept warm in an incubator within the classroom.

There are no signs of movement at the moment but we know lots of growing is taking place inside the egg and can’t wait to see our fluffy new arrivals make their appearance over the next few days!  We look forward to sharing exciting news about the chicks arrivals soon...Watch the space!

RSPB Bird Watch

Reception have been taking part in the RSPB birdwatch this year.  We explored the school grounds looking for different types of birds. We were lucky enough to spot a robin and also and recorded there are lots of seagulls around our local area!

Peter Littlewood Visit

Peter Littlewood from the Young People’s Environment Trust came to visit us. 

He talked to us about ‘Birds.’  We learnt lots of new words and lots of interesting facts linked to our topic work. 

We learnt about lots of birds– woodpeckers, sparrows, chaffinch, starlings and many more.  Peter explained how woodpeckers have specially adapted heads to help them make holes in trees.

We thought about the birds we might find locally, perhaps at Ninesprings. 

Lots of us had seen ducks and we learnt about how ducks have specially adapted feet to swim in the water.  We heard about Coot’s and Moorhens too.  We learnt about Grey Herson’s being really good fishermen.  These birds have really long legs that can look like reeds sticking out of the water.  They stand really still and wait for a fish to come near them.  When they see a fish they swoop their head down to catch it. 

Peter Littlewood taught us how to spot Kingfishers too.  Kingfishers nest in the riverbank rather than in a tree.  They are amazing hunters, great at fishing.  They actually dive into the water and we looked at lots of photo’s of them on the screen.

Finally we learnt more about Owls following our work on ‘Owl babies’ this term.  Peter taught us Owls are ‘predators’ as they hunt other animals.  They like hunting mice and have sharp claws (talons) and sharp beaks.

We learnt so much!  Thank you Peter for sharing so much of your knowledge and teaching us so much in such a short time!

China Day February 2019

We enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year at school. We wore an item of red or pink clothes to school. We performed a dragon dance and learnt why these creatures are important to Chinese people.  We then made lanterns in class, just like the ones they might hang in the streets of China at this special time of year.

January snow!

We explored the school grounds covered in snow. We found the pond had frozen and the daffodils in our garden were covered in a blanket of snow. Lots of snow was beginning to melt but we enjoyed running across the school field and making footprints in the powdery snow.

Our feet got really cold but our bodies were wrapped up really warm!

Our trip to Gore farm

We enjoyed a lovely morning at Gore Farm.  We met Angela and Tessa along with the farmer who kindly showed us all the farm birds who live there.  We met a turkey, some ducks, geese, chickens and hens.  It was fascinating to hear how many feathers these birds have and hear all about the eggs the hens provide for the farmer.  We walked across the fields down to the woods where we went searching for clues to discover the birds that live in the woodlands.  We found pictures on posts dotted around the woods.  There were woodpeckers and robins, a chaffinch, a blue tit, a great tit, a wood pigeon and many more.  We learnt so much on our morning at the farm!  We are looking forward to painting pictures of different birds in class.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

We made bird feeders using lard, seeds, oats and breadcrumbs. We made this all into a ball and put it inside a small decomposable pot. We hung our bird feeders in the branches on the tree outside of our classroom.

Our Christmas party!

What a fun afternoon we had at our Christmas party!  After a morning making festive party hats we began our afternoon with some party dances.  After lots of dancing, singing and pass the parcel we had a little time outside before returning to Class 1 for an afternoon tea party!  We enjoyed sitting at our festive tables and eating yummy snacks.  However, the highlight of the afternoon was a visit from Father Christmas! What an amazing Wednesday at school!

Our First Nativity

What a wonderful performance!  We are so proud of all the children in Classes 1 and 2 for an excellent Nativity play this year.  They sang with confidence and re-told the Christmas story beautifully to the rest of the school and their parents.  Well done everyone!

A fun and festive Christmas dinner…

Class 1 enjoyed their first Christmas dinner at Huish.  With crackers, party hats, Christmas tunes and lots of smiling faces the Christmas dinner went down a treat… especially pudding!

Music in the Husky Hut!

Class1 enjoyed a visit to the Husky hut, all lit up with Christmas lights.  We sang Christmas songs and played musical instruments to accompany ‘The Twelve days of Christmas.’  It was lots of fun and made us feel really festive!

Dressing up time!

We have had lots of fun exploring the dressing up clothes in Class 1 and enjoyed lots of imaginative play!  We pretended we were on a bus trip… tickets please!

Chalk Pictures…

We had fun using the chalks in the playground… What artists we are!

Making the most of the Sunshine!

With some lovely Autumnal weather we have been enjoying our outdoor playground.  Our playground equipment has been well used this week and we hope to have it out lots more!

Movement through stories

This term we have been fortunate enough to have Mrs Clark come and teach us for some movement through stories lessons.  We listened carefully to her instructions and moved and stretched our bodies in different ways.  We finish each session with some relaxation and always feel wonderful afterwards!

Fun in P.E 

We have been energetic in our P.E lessons, developing a range of multi-skills including balance and ball skills. We have been developing our fitness through exercises such as star jumps and bunny hops.  We are a very active year group!

Practical Maths

We have been learning lots about our numbers to 5.  This week we have been trying to add ‘1 more’ to some of the smaller numbers.  We have been using crystals, jenga blocks and milk bottle tops to help us to see what ‘1 more’ looks like visually. We have had lots of fun adding ‘1 more’ onto our number each time.

Playground games in the October Sunshine! 

We have had many a lovely afternoon play out in the October Sunshine this week.  We are developing our moving and handling skills through riding our bikes, scooters and trikes and exploring the different games we can invent with the hula hoops, bats and balls.

Welcome to our new reception class!

What a busy first term we have had in school!  We have only been in school 6 weeks but we have learnt so much and made so many new friends.  The children have settled quickly into the Class 1 routine and are all making great progress already!. We have all managed to put our belongings away and find our carpet spaces in the morning ready for registration and are becoming more independent every day.  We are enjoying our school dinners, having fun on the scooters and bikes and loving being able to use our outdoor classroom.  We’ve already learnt lots in our phonics lesson and have met many characters from Ten Town.  Thank you to all our grown ups who have helped us with our ‘Home learning’ too.  Here are a few photos from our first term at Huish.

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