Class 10


Ancient Egyptian Hook day

Year 4’s hook day began with some Egyptian maths. Using the Ancient Egyptian symbols they were given, the children worked hard to solve a range of increasingly complicated problems.

Later on, Year 4 studied a range of Ancient Egyptian death masks. They used these ideas to design their very own death masks, which they made by painting paper plates. Whilst looking at death masks, the children explored the Ancient Egyptian mummification process and even had a go at mummifying one of their classmates!

In the afternoon, the children learnt who built the Egyptian Pyramids and what they would have been used for in Ancient Egyptian times. They then created their own 3-D pyramids by decorating the net of a square based pyramid with hieroglyphics before folding and sticking them to create the 3-D shape.


New Barn Trip

Class 10 had a wonderful visit to the New Barn Field Centre near Dorchester.  The children took part in a range of activities which included:  grinding wheat using quern stones, making a poultice for a cut or wound by grinding leaves in a pestle and mortar, churning cream to make butter and trying to start a fire using a bow drill!  The children had to be patient and persevere as most of these activities took some time.  After lunch, we visited two roundhouses and found out what life would have been like for Stone Age men and women.  We would like to thank the adults who accompanied us on our trip.  They were very impressed with the children's behaviour and their attitude to learning.


Class 10 have been learning about earthquakes and volcanic eruptions this term.  As part of our topic, we made our own volcanoes using empty plastic bottles and newspaper.   We then did our own eruptions on the school playground using the following ingredients:  bicarbonate of soda, food colouring, washing up liquid, vinegar and water.  Unfortunately, our experiment with Mentos and Coke didn't work as we hoped it would and so we plan to repeat this later in the term!

Mr Egypt visits Huish!

Year 4 were very lucky to have a visit from an Egyptologist this week! First, we all gathered in the hall to learn more about the Geography of Egypt. Thebes was the ancient capital of Egypt but now Cairo is the capital city. We learnt about how important children were in Egyptian society, what they wore, the jobs they did and the toys they played with. After break, we wrote our names in hieroglyphics and solved some addition calculations and word problems using Egyptian numbers. In the afternoon, we found out about the weighing of the heart ceremony and how Egyptians mummified bodies in preparation for the afterlife. The highlight was our mummy-wrapping competition. In groups of 6, the children had 5 minutes to mummify a group member using a roll of toilet paper! This was great fun and you can see how successful they were from the photos above. Everyone enjoyed the day – thank you to all of the parents for supporting this!

Class 10 are archaeologists

Welcome to Class 10’s blog!  I hope that you all had a great Summer break (it seems a long time ago now!)  The children are settling in well to Year 4 and are enjoying their learning.  In our first history lesson, we were archaeologists!  We used paintbrushes and magnifying glasses to investigate some treasures that were buried in the sand!  Everyone was really sensible and methodical and all the Egyptian treasures were successfully unearthed! We are looking forward to a visit from Mr Egypt at the beginning of October.

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