Class 11


Step-up days

We have recently enjoyed step-up days to both Preston and Westfield. During these days, we have had the opportunity to try our hand at a range of secondary activities, including investigating heat and flammable materials, creating kites, cooking, making model cars and sculptures in DT and watching some of the secondary school dance groups. Class 11 and 12 left these step-up days excited for the opportunities that will come their way in the future!

Brass Concert

Thank you for coming to watch Class 11s brass concert. All the children have had a wonderful time learning their instruments and Mr. Thomas has been an excellent teacher throughout Year 5. What a great sound Class 11 made!

Pick 'n' Mix

In class 11 we took the opportunity to share our space pick ‘n’ mix homework. We loved seeing all the hard work that had been put into the projects and there was some incredibly creative and interesting work. Thank you to the parents for all your help with these pick ‘n’ mix tasks!


As part of our final lesson on shape, we had a go at solving a number of tangram puzzles. Tangram is a traditional Chinese shape puzzle that requires a good sense of space and problem solving. We had to make different shapes by arranging different pieces of the tangram puzzle. The children really enjoyed it and wanted to do even more!

Science Day

This week some of us were lucky enough to visit Westfield Academy for a Science Day. There were four sessions throughout the day, so we learnt a little about biology, chemistry and physics. In our first session we did some taste and smell tests to study our senses, threw tennis balls at a glass screen to look at how our nervous system reacts, watched the teacher make 'elephant’s toothpaste’, mix vitamin tablets with water to make film canisters pop and use a plasma globe to make hair stand on end - and all of this was just in the first hour!! In our biology session we dissected a chicken wing to learn about the different parts bodies are made up of. For chemistry, we had to solve a crime to see which pen (and which criminal) had written a fraudulent cheque by using chromatography paper to separate inks. Finally in our physics session, we made circuits to turn on a light bulb, and then added in switches and buzzers to see how we had to change the circuits so that it still worked. We then looked at how to properly draw a circuit. 

It was a fantastic day and a massive thank you to the Westfield science department for the hard work they put into the day.

PGL 2019

The children are all enjoying the fantastic weather and all the activities at PGL.   They have had visits from Mr Hillier-Nickels and many other staff members and looking forward to their disco tomorrow night.


Class 11 visited Preston to take part in a Science lesson on forces. We made parachutes and attached different masses to them, recording the varying times it took for the different loads to reach the floor. We had to stand on the tables to get enough height for the parachutes to open! We enjoyed the lesson and it was exciting to experience what Science will be like at secondary school.

Tuesday 2nd April 2019

As part of our work on Tudor explorers, we designed an interview with Sir Francis Drake. All that we knew before we started was that he was a famous Tudor sailor and explorer who knew Queen Elizabeth. From that, each group decided on some questions before researching the answers and practicing a TV style interview! We then used green-screen to help the final interviews take place on-board Tudor ships. Some groups even used pictures of The Golden Hind (Drake’s ship) itself for their interview.

Road Safety

We had a visitor from Somerset Road Safety who explained different ways to stay safe on the roads. He reminded us of why we stop, look, listen and think, and we discussed how we need to be aware of electric cars and other quiet vehicles. We also talked about sensible and safe places to cross the road.

Wednesday 13th March 2019 - How were Tudor “Hard Tack” Biscuits Made

We learnt about how the Tudors often used salted foods on long voyages to help with their preservation – essential as refrigeration hadn’t yet been invented! We also discussed what else sailors could have done, including taking livestock with them or catching food along the way.

It’s safe to say that the salty “hard tack” biscuits were met with a mixed response, but at least we didn’t have to tap them to get the maggots out!

Wednesday 6th March 2019 - How did Jesus get sentenced to death?

We looked at the crucifixion story and chose six parts of the tale to freeze-frame in groups. We paid special attention to how we could convey the different characters’ feelings with facial expressions and body language. We also sequenced the story to make sure we could remember the order, cause and effects of Jesus’s death.

Wednesday 23rd January 2019

We made model Tudor Houses using wood, card and paper. We were careful to include lots of features, including galleries, small windows, thatched roofs and wooden beams to support the wattle and daub.


We have been learning instruments on Wednesdays and have had a wonderful time practicing and learning new songs – we are looking forward to upcoming opportunities to showcase our talents in front of the school!


We have been learning instruments on Wednesdays and have had a wonderful time practicing and learning new songs – we are looking forward to upcoming opportunities to showcase our talents in front of the school!


We have approached a number of reasoning and problem solving tasks in maths this year – this includes solving problems based on numbers written in different scripts, developing strategies to beat out talk-partners in games and creating out own mathematical games and problems.

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