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Home Learning

Check out some more of our Home Learning!

We have been learning about the Mayans, writing persuasive adverts for new and exciting gadgets and finding out about the pilgrimage to Mecca as part of our work on Islam. As if that wasn’t enough, we have also found time at home to learn new cooking skills, spot birds in our gardens and even try a little bit of fishing!

You are working so hard and we are very proud of all of you! Keep it up:-)

Book Covers

To finish off the week, Class 14 were asked to recreate their favourite book cover, making it look as close to the real thing as possible, then write a review to let others know why they had enjoyed it so much. Here are some of the fantastic finished pieces:-)

So next time you want to find a good book, take a look at these highly-recommended reads and perhaps you’ll find just what you’re looking for!


As part of their English work last week, Class 14 were tasked with creating a word cloud to describe their favourite book or character from a book! They also had to create a poem imagining they had ‘fallen into’ their favourite book and had become part of the plot. There were some amazingly creative pieces of work produced:-) Can you guess which books and characters are being described by these words clouds and poems?

Natural Disasters

As part of their Geography unit - ‘Natural Disasters’ - Class 14 have made their own models demonstrating how they are caused and what effect they have on the Earth and people’s lives. Check out our home-made tornadoes, volcanoes, droughts and tsunamis! 

Thank you to everyone for putting so much time and effort into your creations and it is lovely to see how different they all are.

I hope you had fun making them:-)

VE Day

Take a look at some of our VE Day celebrations!

I know many of you took the time to bake, decorate, dress up and celebrate (at a distance!) with friends, family and neighbours to commemorate this very special 75th anniversary – judging by the pictures, you all look like you had a fantastic time:-)

Home Learning

Take a look at some fo the fantastic Home Learning Class 14 have been doing over the last week or so…

They were tasked with writing a balanced argument about whether children should always learn at home – I’m sure you’ll agree, they are very well-written and raise a lot of good points to get you thinking!

They have also been busy learning about angles in polygons in Maths, the circulatory system in Science, vocabulary linked to cities in Spanish and much more!

I am very proud of all of your hard work – keep it up:-)


As part of their RE work on Islam, Class 14 researched the festival, Ramadan, and created fact files for younger children. Some chose to hand write their research and illustrate it beautifully, and other chose to use their computing skills to create videos and powerpoints! Either way, they look fantastic and are very informative – well done:-)


Class 14 have designed some ‘graffiti art’ inspired by the street artist Keith Haring. They focused on creating a really bold look for the letters and thought about clever finishing touches for their designs, such as paint dripping from the word ‘Art’ and a striking blue colour for the word ‘Splash’. These look fantastic – well done Class 14!

Dragon Eyes

To celebrate St George’s Day, Class 14 drew dragon eyes and used their shading skills to layer colour and make them look as realistic as possible. I’m sure you will agree, they look FANTASTIC! Well done Class 14:-)


Year 6 have been learning about the beliefs, symbols, objects and practices that are important in the Christian faith.

As part of this, we learnt about why Christinas pray, where they pray and how they pray.

Take a look at Milly’s own, very emotive prayer. It seems even more relevant given the current situation. A beautiful prayer Milly:-)


Easter Holiday

Take a look at some of the things Class 14 got up to over the Easter break. You all look like you had great fun!

News Reports

As part of their Geography work on Natural Disasters, Class 14 have researched, or invented their own, natural disaster and created a news report about it. Take a look at some fantastic examples…


Class 14 have been practising their spellings…and getting a little but messy at the same time!!

Home Learning Update

Take a look at some more of the fantastic work Class 14 have been doing!

We have produced some stained glass windows as part of our work on Christianity – don’t they look lovely and colourful? We have also done some research about natural disasters as part of our Geography topic. We also used out Computing skills to write them up and present them so the are clear to read. Over Easter, we also had fun with some Easter bookmarks!

Well done Class 14 – keep up the great work:-)


Home Learning - Week 1

Take a look at some of the fantastic work that has been completed at home by Class 14! From wonderful VE Day stories and postcards, to super science fact files and brilliant numeracy. Thank you to all of you for your hard work so far – keep it up:-)

World Book Day

Class 14 showcased some fantastic outfits as part of our World Book Day celebrations! From the teenage spy, Alex Rider to Mary Poppins; from the wonderful Willy Wonka to the studious Matilda - we had a great range of characters from our favourite books. A big thank you to everyone for the time and effort that went into the costumes!

Creative Minds Workshop

As part of Yeovil’s plans to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day on May 8th this year, Natasha Rand, a local community artist, visited Huish to start an inter-generational art project. Children from Year 6 took part in a workshop to create bunting that will be displayed in Yeovil town centre when the celebrations take place in May. Children used the colours red, white and blue to design their bunting and decorated them with silhouettes of recognisable figures or objects from WWII. This linked perfectly with Year 6’s previous WWII history topic. Natasha commented on the amazing designs the children produced and was very impressed with the creativity and enthusiasm of the children involved. The second part of this project will see ten children from Year 6 join Natasha at a local elderly care home to create more bunting with some of the residents.


In Science, having proved that light travels in straight lines and cannot bend, we investigated the question, 'How can we see without being seen?' We looked at how a periscope works and the uses it has in a submarine. We then made our own periscopes to see if we really could see without being seen!

Here's how we got on...

California News Reports

As part of our Geography work on California, we looked at its location on the San Andreas fault line, and the devastating earthquakes that are prone to hit the region because of this. In particular, we researched two earthquakes that hit in quick succession in July 2019. We researched the cause of these quakes, the damage caused by them and the potential of aftershocks in the following days and weeks. We shared our research in the form of news reports - reporting live from California in the immediate aftermath of the quakes. Here we are writing up our reports to follow later when we have finished editing them!


Art Day

We took inspiration from our literacy work on Macbeth for our art day on Friday. We first focussed on the skills needed to show light and shadow on objects, such as: cross hatching, stippling and smudging. We drew still life fruit to practise these skills and made them look incredibly life like! Then, we applied these techniques to our eerie 'Macbeth moonscapes'. We thought about how the light of the moon would illuminate different features and then used chalks and black silhouettes to build up the look we wanted. Here's how we got on...


Part 2 - In this session, we were set the task of planning an investigation to prove that light travels in straight lines. Before starting, we worked in groups to decide: what our independent and dependant variables were; how we were going to make it fair; what equipment we would need and how we were going to record our results. Here's how we got on...

Part 1 - Class 14 have been studying 'Light' as part of our Science topic. In an introductory session, we used torches and a range of materials to explore the way light travelled. We discovered that ears(!) are translucent and that 8 pages of a book put together were translucent, but 9 were opaque. Next time, we are going to plan an investigation to prove that light travels in straight lines.

Christmas Party

Class 14 finished the Autumn term on a fun note with their Christmas party. Christmas jumpers, sparkles, party games and fantastic dance moves were the order of the afternoon! We had a great time:-)

VE Day

We have been learning about VE day as part of our work on WW2. We held our very own VE day so that we could imagine how people in Britain would have celebrated the end of WW2. We made scones, corned beef sandwiches and jelly, and also listened to Winston Churchill's victory speech and sang along to some war-time music!

World War 2

As part of our topic on WW2, we have been learning about gas masks. We took part in a session where we visited 4 'stations' - each one with a different focus linked to gas masks. For example, on one station, we learnt about the different types of masks, and on another, we learned about the propaganda posters that were published to encourage people to wear them.

Fleet Air Arm Museum

Class 14 had a fun-packed trip to the Fleet Air Arm Museum as part of our WW2 topic. We looked the part, dressed as evacuees, and got a little taste of what life would have been like during this time. We were lucky enough to have a guided tour around the museum where we learnt about the different types of aircraft used during the war and how they had been specially adapted to carry out certain tasks. We also took part in a rationing workshop where we had to plan a menu for Mrs Parkin. It was harder than we thought and we had to make some interesting meal choices - like rabbit pie for dinner! We also learnt about the Battle of Britain and the important role played by women and Britain’s allies in securing a British victory! We had a fantastic, informative day and all of the staff at the museum said how well-behaved and polite the children were. Well done Class 14!


Year 6 Prom

Our year 6 leavers prom was held during the last week of term, where the children dressed in their finest outfits and danced the night away to celebrate their last few days at school.  We wish them the best of luck at their secondary schools in September.

BBC's Orchestra

Year 6 went to the Octagon to see the BBC’s Orchestra on the 18th June. The music was fantastic and the presenter made it all really fun and exciting.

Careers Talk

Class 13 & 14 were really lucky to have Lt Cdr Hollingsworth explain the different roles of the Royal Navy. She explained that her role is like the headteacher of a school, but that her students are the fighter pilots who fly all of the noisy jets around Yeovil.

Ellie told us about the exciting career opportunities that can be found within the Navy. She explained that when onboard a ship everyone is on duty all of the time, but that they get good holidays when they return. Life onboard a ship is like being in a village - lots of different people are needed to provide all that the sailors need during their time (chefs, doctors, chaplains, mechanics, engineers, postal workers, to name but a few).


We had fun sharing our California pick and mix homework!

'Inspiring Futures'

As part of our 'Inspiring Futures Programme' Y6 had a visit from Vicki Cotter who explained what her career as a barrister involves.

Road Safety visit

Class 14 had a visit from the Road Safety team and were reminded how to keep safe when crossing the roads. Stop, Look, Listen and Think!

Visit from Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra


In science, Class 14 have been investigating 'Light' and this week they have used a light box and prisms to refract light and make rainbows. They also created coloured spinners to create 'white light'.

Red Nose Day fun!

Otter Watercolours - Inspired by Pete the Poet

World Book Day and Pete The Poet’s visit

To help us celebrate World Book Day, we investigated the brilliant book, ‘The Lost Words’ by Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris.

The book contains poems about nature and consists of words that are fading from the English language as children are spending less time outdoors discovering the wonders of nature around them.

The children explored the nature that is around the school grounds, collected word banks, listened to and performed poetry throughout the week. Furthermore, they made observational sketches, used pastels and watercolours of some of our British endangered species.

Over two days, each year group spent time with Pete The Poet who discussed the beauty of ‘The Lost Words’ and reassured them that it is ok not to understand every part of a poem, but to enjoy it for the way it makes you feel.

Sharing assemblies were held to celebrate the work and achievements created over the week.

Investigating how light travels with periscopes

Fleet Air Arm Museum

Battle of Britain Workshop

Rationing Workshop

Recount of Fleet Airm Arm Museum

WWII Pick and Mix Homework

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