Class 2



Children in Need

Class 2 enjoyed dressing up for Children in Need. We have raised lots of money! Well done Class 2!


Remembrance Day

We enjoyed learning about the importance of remember day and why this day is so important to remember those who lost their life to save our country. The children made a poppy and we put these together to create a class wreath. We laid our wreath next to the Huish flag pole to show our respects.

Polar Bears

This term are topic is Winter. We will be learning lots of different things relating to winter.
This week we have started off with Polar Bears. The children have been learning lots of fun facts all about Polar Bears. We have discussed blubber and how that keeps the Polar Bears warm. The children have been very creative and made a very fluffy Polar Bear.

Week 6

We have been very busy this week with all our learning! We are all very tired!
This week we have been learning m and d. Also the red word sno and go! We can now Fred talk then words mad, dad, pin, in and am.
In Maths we have learnt numbers 4 and 5. We have also been looking at composition of numbers (How to make a number e.g 2+3 4+1 etc)
In our topic we have been on a wellie walk collecting autumn leaves and played a circle time game of passing the emotion around the circle.

Week Beginning 4th Oct

This week we have been really busy learning i and n. Also the red word to! We can now Fred talk then words it, pin and pan.
In Maths we have learnt numbers 3and then looked at the composition of numbers 1-3.
In our topic we have drawn our journey to school and talked about our feelings.

Phonics, Maths and Topic

Our first full week at school! We are all very tired!
This week we have been really busy learning t and p. Also the red word I! We can now Fred talk then words at, sat and pat.
In Maths we have learnt numbers 1 and 2.
In our topic we have drawn our families and learnt all the names of our friends in the class.

Week 3 

We have had a very exciting week in Class 2. We have been a class of 30 children! We have made new friends, learnt some sounds and had our lunch at school. By Friday we were very tired! Enjoy the photos of our busy week.

Welcome to Class 2

We have all had a great start at Huish Primary School. We have been exploring our classroom and outside area. We are beginning to make new friends and learn the routines of school.




I would also like to thank all the children for their efforts in recycling materials and making new things.  Her are a selection of photos.

SCARF - Life Bus

Today we had a visit from Helen, the ‘Life Bus’. We learnt about our bodies and how to look after them. She had a friend called Harold the Giraffe. He talked about his feelings and looking after his body. He went for a sleep over at his Grandparents house.

People that Help Us

This week we have had lots of fun in class 2. We have been reading and writing sentences about the character Zog. Using our brains and thinking adding two numbers to make a number in maths and learning about ‘Vets’ in our topic ‘People that help us’.


We are very excited to welcome two new chicks into reception this morning!
We are looking forward to meeting the rest shortly


Mud Fun

Today’s mud fun in the garden…

Don’t forget in order for your child to play in the garden they need their own wellies.

Outdoor classroom and Garden

We have had so much fun in the outdoors today. We are very lucky that our garden has been redesigned so we can have lots of fun! Please ask me about the new garden.


In Class 1 and Class 2 we have the 10 day egg experience. Today the eggs arrived and hopefully so will be hatched either tomorrow or Wednesday. Keep looking out for updates.


Down Syndrome Awareness Day

Wow look at all our ‘odd socks’. Today we are celebrating ‘Down Syndrome awareness day’. We have all worn odd socks to school today.

Easter Egg Hunt

Today we had fun looking for chocolate eggs in the playground. We searched and searched as the Easter bunny had hid them well. We really enjoyed eating them!

End of Spring term

We have been really busy since we returned to school. We have be working hard with our phonics, math’s and writing. Although our favourite activity at the moment is to play in the garden.

Happy Easter love Class 2

Back to School 

Class 2 have been really busy since coming back to school. We have specifically had lots of fun doing experiments in science. We have made lava lamps, colour wheels, re grown vegetables and planted sunflowers.

In the last week of lockdown it was world book day. Look at the lovely photos of some of our class reading somewhere different at home.

International Day 




Today has been really busy in Class 2. We have celebrated the birthday’s of the children that we unable to have parties in September, October and November. We had lots of fun and partied and danced the afternoon away.

We also filled our class jar with pompoms which means we could have a treat. We had all decided that we wanted extra time on the bikes and scooter. This was so much fun!




This week we reception have been learning all about remembrance, we have made a beautiful wreath filled with the poppies we made, to remember and show our respect to those who have fallen. We watched a fantastic video on iplayer showing the children how the poppies grew, and we stopped at 11o’clock on the 11th to listen to the siren from Westlands and remember those who have sadly lost their life in the war.

On Wednesday we also took part on Earth Day, where we learnt how to protect and look after our beautiful planet. We looked at how pollution is ruining our beautiful world and what we can do to stop this. The children planted some daffodils and tulips in our garden, they have made bird feeders and painted our planet using our hand prints. Finally we read an amazing book by Michael Morpurgo called Grandpa Christmas, which the children loved!!






This Week

This week we have been learning all about number 5 and exploring patterns. We have also been learning new sounds, i & n and applying this to CVC words such as nap, sat, pit, nan. The children have been exploring the natural world by collecting leaves and creating autumnal animal art work.

Welcome to Class 2

Everyone has settled in really well. For the first two weeks we have been exploring and finding our way around the class room. We have been building relationship and meeting new adults. We have all enjoyed playing indoors and in the outside classroom, we have also painted ourselves as self-portraits, which will be displayed in the corridor. Finally, we have been introduced to P.E and have enjoyed learning to throw and catch a ball.


Home Learning 

Home Learning 

Amazing Writing


Well Done Autumn

Autumns parents extending home learning… with floating and sinking...

Well Done Ella

Ella has learnt to ride her bike over the holidays…


Home Learning so far :)

Mother's Day Assembly

The children performed their assembly on Thursday, ready for you to view on Mothering Sunday.    Their messages to you are also uploaded for you to see.  We hope you have an enjoyable day.

Egg Experiment

How strong is an egg, really?

When we think of eggs, we think easily breakable and delicate. For the most part, that is true. But how are chickens able to sit on eggs without breaking them? Maybe an egg is stronger than we think!

We rested 4 eggs in glue lids so we could investigate how strong they really are!  We needed to make sure we could balance books on top of them.   We thought “What would happen if we stacked our reading books on top of 4 eggs?”

 “Would they be able to hold the books or would they break?” 

We predicted what we thought might happen and then placed the books on top of our 4 eggs to see the results!    

We were very surprised!  It took more than 30 books to break the eggs.

Egg shells MUST be really strong?  We thought about why?   

Living Eggs Day 1-5

World Book Day


International Day

On Wednesday the 29th January it was 'International Day’ at Huish Primary School. Class 2 went on an adventure to Africa. We arrived in school and was quickly taken to the airport where we were given our passports and we experienced what it was like to go through passport control and into the departure lounge. We then got on board our flight and watched a safety video and some inflight entrainment before we arrived in Africa. We then explored different activities, we learnt and African dance, we went on safari to see animals in the wild, we created African artwork before we flew home. On the home we were very lucky to taste some exotic fruits that are grown in African. All in all a very busy day for class 2 and we even got home in time to meet our mums and dads.

A trip to Church….

We visited The Methodist Church in Vicarage Street, Yeovil. We searched for the stars around the church and learnt about the Christmas story. We enjoyed lots of Christmas crafts and even some singing too. What a fun morning we all had!

Library visit

Today we visited the library in Yeovil and learnt how a library works.  We met Cathy the library assistant and she read us a fairy tale about a Princess in a paper bag.  She has given us some library membership forms so we can hopefully join as a family.

A big “Thank you” to all of you who came and got involved in our Christmas Craft workshop. The children had lots of fun bending pipe cleaners and threading beads in order to make their own individual Christmas wreath decorations. A lot of fun was had and it was a really successful afternoon due to the great turn out of willing parents, grandparents and helpers. Thank you once again for giving up your time to join us in school.

A trip to Church….

We visited The Methodist Church in Vicarage Street, Yeovil. We searched for the stars around the church and learnt about the Christmas story. We enjoyed lots of Christmas crafts and even some singing too. What a fun morning we all had!

We have been learning to read and using our new reading corner, we have been counting numbers and learning how to make different numbers with numicon and we have been forming lots of letters.

Class 2 have been very busy over the last two week. We have made lots of new friends. Everyday is a learning day, with sounds, number, PE, dough gym, small world and lots more. This week we have also learnt how to eat in a big dinning hall and be independent with our cutting skills and clearing up after ourselves. We are very much looking forward to spending all day in school.




Gore Farm

On 24th June we returned to Gore Farm for a Summer visit. We were able to discuss the similarities and differences from our visit in January. First we walked down through the wheat field to the woods. At Base Camp Angela gave us containers and magnifying glasses so we could go looking for mini-beasts. We found snails, centipedes, spiders, slugs, ants, beetles, a moth and plenty of woodlice. After our delicious picnic lunch we went to see the calves. Some of them were only three weeks old. We watched them feed by sucking milk from buckets. We also saw three big pigs, three sheep and a crazy goat called “Moses”! Finally we looked at some of the baby birds that live on the farm- chicks, ducklings and goslings. Thank you to Angela, Tessa and Stuart - and all the adults who came to help look after us!

New Playground Markings

We have been enjoying our new outdoor area activities. We ride our bikes and scooters following the direction of the arrows and we stop at the zebra crossing.


We chose our own Home Learning Task on the theme of “Mini-beasts”.

Life Bus.

We met Helen and Harold the giraffe.
We learned about healthy life-styles.

Sock Farm, May 2019

Our Reception classes made the annual visit to Sock Farm.
Mr Snell showed us around the farm and we saw the milking parlour, the barn and the cornfields.
We saw cows, calves, pigs and piglets. Now we know more about where our food comes from and understand the meaning of “dairy”.

'The Little Red Hen'

We have been learning the story of “The Little Red Hen”. We could tell the story in small groups. We made bread. We had a try at writing the story ourselves!


Living eggs project, March 2019

We borrowed an incubator with ten living eggs. Within a few days all ten chicks had hatched. We had to make sure the chicks were kept warm, had food and fresh water.

Once they had grown stronger we were able to get them out so we could watch them closely. We could see their wings already. We learned that the male chicks are the yellow ones and the female chicks are brown. 

They have now been rehomed on a farm where they can run around and scratch about!

“Pete the poet workshop” 

Year R met Pete the poet. He gave us all a puppet to help us think of words. We made a rhyme together. We looked at the pictures in the book “The Lost Words”. We liked the picture of the kingfisher so he drew it for us.

'Big School's Birdwatch'

Photos of our visit from Peter Littlewood from YPTE (Young People's Trust for the Environment) and us doing our RSPB ‘Big School’s Birdwatch”.

16th January, Gore Farm

To support our learning about birds we went to Gore Farm. The farmer showed us some of the birds that live on the farm. We learned about eggs and feathers. Then we walked across the fields down to the woods. Angela took us to “Base Camp” and we listened to the birds in the trees. We went bird spotting and found pictures of birds. We can recognise so many now! We hope to go back in the summer to see the animals.

Welcome back!

Our new term starts with many special events to look forward to! We have our first school trip to Gore Farm, China day, Safer – Internet day and a workshop session, all before half-term!

Our new topic is “Birds”. We will be learning about the features of birds, their similarities and differences and their habitats. We have talked about how we could encourage more birds to our school environment and decided to make bird feeders to hang in the garden.

We used seeds, oats, lard and some leftover Christmas pudding! We hope the birds come!


Here are some photos of our first christmas at Huish…

On 11th December, Year R presented “The First Christmas” and we sang our way through the story of the Nativity. Thank you to Mrs Bennett for being our musical director.

We enjoyed nativity role play in the new shed…

On 12th December it was Christmas lunch. We all enjoyed a delicious dinner thanks to our great team who work in the kitchen

On 13th December we had a music lesson in the husky hut. We used a range of percussion instruments and sang along to our favourite Christmas tunes.

On 17th December, it was mince pie making! We took some home to share.

On 19th December, it was our Christmas party. We wore our Christmas jumpers to school and made ourselves party hats. We played traditional games like “Pass the Parcel” and did some great dancing. We had outdoor play with balloons then came in for party tea. We even had a visit from Father Christmas!

Fibonacci day, 23rd November 


We have had our first Spanish lesson and we learned to say “Hola”, “Adios” and

“Me llamo …..”

Remembrance 2018

This week we will be learning about why some people wear poppies in November.

Please take a look at our Remembrance display as you enter the playground.

I hope everyone enjoyed their half-term break and Hallowe’en.

We have been drawing pictures of “Winnie The Witch”.

We have been to our first Celebration Assembly with our Head Teacher, Mrs Price. We sat still and listened as some children were given birthday crowns and some had certificates for great learning.


 Class 2 have been busy settling into school, making friends and playing indoors and outside….

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