Class 3




To help us understand why we need to stay safe online, we listened to the story of Smartie the penguin and learnt the song. Using Purple Mash, we created our own pictures of Smartie.

Pirate Maps

Class 3 enjoyed learning about co-ordinates during their work on maps in Geography.
They concluded their lesson making pirate maps, using symbols to mark where the treasure was!

Science - Properties of materials

In Science today we played a game using a feely bag and described different objects and their properties. We used words like rough, smooth, hard, soft, bendy, ridged, spikey. We then worked in pairs to make an owl collage using different materials. We tried describing our collage using all the new descriptive words we had learnt.

Maths Week

We have had a busy week in Class 3 doing lots of maths investigations as part of ‘England Maths week.’

We begun the week thinking about triangles….We thought about what makes a triangle and came up with some key facts. We looked at lots of different triangles and thought about how they were similar and what made them different. We had fun trying to construct our own triangle using rods and lollipop sticks.

We were set a challenge to look at a shape constructed of many triangles and work out how many triangles there were in total. We all had very different answers!
Later in the week we learnt how to tally!

We listened to the story of ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ then thought about ways of finding an answer to our problem.
“How many pieces of fruit did the caterpillar eat altogether?”
We talked about the word ‘data’ and how we could record all the fruits he ate easily so we could find the total.
Finally we investigated different ways of dressing teddy using only three different colours.
We were introduced to a Royal teddy bear who only likes wearing 3 colours for his outfits. Red, White and Blue.

“How many different outfits can you make for bear ?”

We were asked not to make any outfits the same but to think about colour choices for his T-shirt, shorts and shoes. We had to remember bear only liked wearing red, white or blue and had to think carefully about our choices.

To help us we used stacks of cubes to represent the 3 items of clothing bear wears. We discovered there were many different possibilities for swapping the colours of his T-shirt, shorts and shoes around.

As we only had a limited supply of red, blue and white cubes some of us were given 3 different colours to work with. We still worked to the same rules of only using 3 colours and making each outfit different.

Our cube towers helped lots as we began to see how we could arrange them systematically and work out more and more possibilities!


We have been thinking about the world we live in and the way we can care for it. As humans we have a duty to look after the natural world around us. If we are not careful some plants and creatures could become extinct.

We will be the adults of the future and it will be our job to protect our planets plants and wildlife.

We spent a day thinking about how our planet might change if we are not careful. Imagine a world without trees!

We watched ‘The Lorax’ which showed us how different the world could be if there were no trees. We made a promise to always care for our planet and try to make good choices.

We were inspired to create some of our own trees in a variety of media.

Map Symbols

Today we learnt all about map symbols. We had lots of fun looking at a map of Yeovil town centre and locating where the churches, schools, and post offices were. We learnt how to find a toilet on a map and then had lots of fun creating our own maps with toilets, camp sites, castles and parking! It was really interesting to learn how much a map can tell you and how useful they can be. We feel we really developed our directional vocabulary trying to explain where things were to our friends


Our new topic in Science is ‘Materials’

We passed around a variety of materials including foam, plastic, cotton, wool, glass, metal and wood. We discussed how the different materials felt and used words to describe them. What are the materials used for? The class then decided how to group the various objects e.g. hard and soft, bendy and rigid, lumpy or smooth. We thought about why things are made from certain materials and the properties of these.


We have been learning about Subtraction. We talked about what subtraction might mean. When we subtract do the numbers get bigger or smaller?

We made up number stories about Pirates to help us understand the process of taking away. Some of us had to walk the plank in our Subtraction stories!

We learnt that when we subtract the numbers get smaller. We recapped other words related to ‘taking away’. Fewer, less, count back… and then attempted writing subtraction number sentences on our mini whiteboards.

In subtraction the biggest number always comes first.

Art Week

We have learnt lots about an artist called Wassily Kandinsky. He was born in Russia in 1866. Kandinsky thought a lot about colours and believed colours can make people happy. We learnt about the primary colours and how to make secondary colours from these. We then talked about ‘warm’ and ‘cold’ colours and how they made us feel.
We focussed on creating circles out of different materials including crystals, counters, coloured paper and finger painting. We then turned these into flowers, snails, class hearts, crowns and Kandinsky trees. We enjoyed our time being creative!


Today in PSHE, we listened to the book “The problem with problems.” We shared our problems and talked about ways of solving them. We did some lovely illustrations too!

Why do Pine Cones open and close?

We have been looking closely at a collection of Pine cones.
We began by sorting them into groups based on their size,
then whether they were open or closed.
Why do Pine cones open and close?
We used magnifying glasses to look closely at 2 different cones.
A spruce cone and a pine cone. We noticed lots of things about them.

We used our Scientific skills of ‘looking closely’ and ‘observing over time’ to see what happened when we placed a pine cone in cold water.
Would the seeds wash out?

We discovered…when warm and dry the pine cones open to release the cone’s seeds.
We were able to pull some
When it is cold or damp, the scales close up.

We made observational drawings of our pine cones.

SCIENCE – Autumn is here!

We have been thinking about Seasonal change.
Today we went out to look for the signs of Autumn around school. We thought lots about how trees were changing.

There were lots of different coloured leaves and we talked about deciduous trees shredding their leaves annually at this time of year.

We thought about the weather and how it is beginning to get colder with less sunshine in the skies.

We talked about the weather associated with Autumn and how the days are getting shorter with less daylight hours.

We then watched a BBC learning clip showing how animals adapt to the changing seasons. We learnt that earthworms have a leafy lunch at this time of year… munching their way through the carpet of leaves that fall to the ground.

We had lots of fun collecting leaves and creating our own birds and animals in the form of leaf art.

Fashion Show

At last, our long awaited Fashion Show Day arrived! Children and staff dressed up from one of the following eras, 1900s (Victorians) 1950s or 1970s. We carried out lots of fun activities and discussions throughout the day, including finding adjectives to describe the different clothes from each era, drawing, painting and looking at similarities and differences through the ages. After lunch, we practised walking up and down the catwalk to music from our chosen era. Finally, we filmed our fashion show for our parents and grandparents to watch at home. What a fun filled day!

Year 1 Fashion Show

Year 1 held their fantastic fashion show on Wednesday 30 September, and walked the catwalk with outfits from the 1900's, 1950's and 1970's.

More photos will follow shortly, but for now you can watch the video here.

Welcome to the Class 3 Blog.

On here we will try to keep you updated with what we have been doing in class and share some of the wonderful things your children produce.

Having only been back 2 weeks the children have done an amazing job of settling into their new class and year group, despite all the changes that this year has brought with it.

They have shown how grown up they are already in the way they have adapted to new routines and continue to amaze us every day!

This last fortnight we have loved sharing all the pick and mix homework your children completed over the summer as it has been the perfect springboard into our Autumn topic ‘The History of Clothes.’ Thank you for all the time you have given to assist your child with our new topic.

All children now have a reading book to bring home and we hope you enjoy sharing these.
Our Maths, so far, has been all about ordering numbers to 20. Counting backwards from 20-0 and thinking about ‘1 more and 1 less.’ We have been trying hard to learn what ‘fewer’ means.

We’ve also enjoyed our Computing lessons and using the Macbooks!
It’s certainly been a busy start in Year 1!



Home Learning

Home Learning - March

Acrostic Poets

Some of our Year 1 children entered a national Young Writers’ Acrostic Animal Adventures competition. Nationally, there were over 15,000 entries! We were delighted to hear that some of the poems had been chosen for publication in ‘My First Acrostic: Animal Adventures – Poetry Gems book! Well done everyone!


World Book Day

Class 3 had a fantastic World Book Day!
All the children dressed up as their favourite characters. We had Mr Tickle, Peter Rabbit, Mary Poppins, Anna, Harry Potter and many more. The children were introduced to a beautiful new book called ‘If all the world were…’ by Joseph Coelho. We can’t wait to meet him on the 16th of March!

Safer Internet Week

Y1 have been discussing how to stay safe online and what to do if worried when using the internet. We watched videos of Jessie and Friends and have also been practising our song ‘Be Responsible’ in preparation for our assembly performance.

Science - Animals Including Humans

As part of our science learning, we had some special visitors from Longleat today! They brought with them a collection of animals. We were able to learn lots of super facts and even got to touch/hold some animals – including pythons, stick insects and ferrets! 

International Celebration Day - Africa

Class 3 enjoyed an action packed day learning all about the continent of Africa! We discussed the different landscapes, climates, people and animals. We also sketched and made giraffes and lions. To end our fun filled day, we enjoyed an African Dance Workshop!


Mrs Farmer very kindly visited Year 1 today with her wonderful collection of old bears. She talked about the materials they were made from, their special features and why they are so special to her. We compared Mrs Farmer’s bears to our own bears at home.

Toy Sleepover!

Children in year 1 brought in their toys for a sleepover. When we arrived in the morning the toys had been very naughty and made a big mess in the classroom!
We also lost Florence! So the children made posters to try and find her and went on a hunt visiting all the different classes to find her. Luckily we found her in Class 10.


To help us learn our new traditional tale, The Magic Porridge Pot, during our English lesson we ate some porridge! We stirred our delicious bowls saying the words,
“Cook, little pot, cook!” and
“Stop! Little pot, stop!”


The children in year 1 have started a new topic in Science learning all about the human body and animals. This week they drew around one of their friends and then they labelled all the different body parts. Next they made puppet skeletons after we discussed how our bodies move and the different joints we have.

Christmas Entertainment

KS1 enjoyed a Christmas treat on the last Monday of term. We were entertained by Nutty Noah, who was very, very funny!

Helicopter Visit!

Despite the wet and windy weather, Huish children were very excited when a helicopter with Christmas elves landed on our playing field! Thank you Squadron 815!

A visit from Squadron 815

Year 1 enjoyed a visit from AJ who is a helicopter pilot at Yeovilton. We discussed different helicopters and AJ’s exciting job and rescue missions!

Gore Farm

As part of our Science curriculum on the changing seasons, Class 3 enjoyed a wonderful trip to Gore Farm. We walked to Trent Woodlands and spent the day looking for signs of autumn. We collected lots of beautiful autumnal leaves to make an autumn mobile. After lunch, we had a good run around then working in groups went on a mini beast hunt. Despite the cold, we were amazed to find 15 different species of mini beasts!

Arts Week

The last week of term was Art Week and the children in Class 3 have been learning about learning about the Russian abstract artist, Wassily Kandinsky. He believed bright, warm colours made people feel happy, and cool colours made people feel calm.

We carefully painted our Kandinsky circles, thoughtfully choosing contrasting colours. In addition to this, we painted Kandinsky snails and made our own Kandinsky crowns!

Reading Corner

Here we are using our lovely book corner! She had been working hard all day and was able to have some choosing time, where she chose to snuggle up in the book corner with a book called “Fairytale News” by “Colin and Jacqui Hawkins”.



This week, class 3 finished their History topic on Clothes. Their final task was to work in groups and design their own outfit using lots of different materials. They worked together creating lots of different shapes and patterns onto the bin liner. Each group made a hat or a crown and they looked fantastic. They also made accessorise for their outfits including fans, necklaces, belts and handbags. Once the children had made their outfits we went next door to Class 4 and shared our outfits.

Fashion Show

On Wednesday Class 3 dressed up for our fashion show. We had children from the 1900s, 1950s and the 1970s and they all looked fantastic.
Throughout the day we did lots of activities learning about the different eras making timelines, drawing and comparing our costumes and designing future outfits. At the end of our day we did our fashion show, where the children walked or danced up and down the cat walk showing off their outfits and they all were brilliant!


Class 3 had a fantastic trip to Nine Springs. We learnt lots about mini beasts on our mini beast hunt. The children were really interested in the ladybirds and finding out about the larvae before they turn into ladybirds. We were very lucky and managed to catch lots of different bugs while ponding dipping including a water scorpion, pond skaters, leaches and the great diving beetle.
The children also had the opportunity to build their own dens. They were fantastic at this, as it was quite tricky to tie the the sticks together.


In history this week we have been looking at clothes from our past. We made a timeline from baby clothes right through to clothes we wear today.

Some children have been working hard at home making hats! Well done girls you have been thinking about our clothes topic in history carefully.




Carymoor Trip

Year 1 went to Carymoor this term looking at animals and plants. We made willow dragonflies, clay hedgehogs and seed planters from recycled materials. We also learnt about what a plant needs to grow and went on a mini beast hunt finding slow worms and glow worms.

Easter Story

In class 3 we have been learning about the Easter story. We have sequenced the events of Easter week and then looked at the symbols of Easter and their importance today. As part of this we made chocolate Easter nests that were delicious!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

This week we have been making lots of love Christmas crafts after all the hard work for the nativity. We also had our class Christmas party where we played games and ate some nice food.

I want to thank every parent for their support this term, through reading, homework and all our special days. I hope you and the children have a nice break and an enjoyable Christmas. Looking forward to 2019!

Christmas Lunch

Yesterday was the Huish Christmas Dinner. With some wonderful food, crackers, laughter and some cheerful Christmas music, everyone had a great time.

Christmas Nativity

Thank you to all that attended the Year 1 nativity this morning. The children have worked so hard and I hope you agree that all of it paid off and you enjoyed the performance. Here are a few photos from our dress rehearsal yesterday.

The Great Fire of Pudding Lane

As most of you know we have been studying the Great Fire of London this half term. We recently completed a mock up of Pudding Lane. The children worked in pairs to build a Tudor house, then with the help of class 4 we recreated Pudding Lane in the playground and ‘set it on fire’. With the damage done the children then rebuilt London under the king’s recommendations.

Weekly Spelling Homework

Welcome back everyone. I hope you had a nice break. This week we’ve decided to start giving your child weekly spellings. There will be 9 key words each week to memorise and this will be accompanied by little activity that will mirror what we do during the week,

If this could be returned every Friday so I can mark it and add the next week’s words, that would be great.

Gore Farm

Our Trip to Gore Farm started with a quick talk with Angela, our guide for the day. As you can see we sat on seats made from hay bails. She then took us down to the woods where we went on an autumn scavenger hunt, collecting anything we could find. We would later use these to make a mobile, which is now hung up outside our classroom.

After the hunt we then went looking for pipe cleaners, which had been hidden in the woods. We found the black, brown and green ones the hardest to find. Can you think why?

Then after lunch we made our mobile and collected leaves to make a display. We had a great day and the children were a real credit to Huish.

Homework for the Seasons

Last week your child came home with their homework project book for the term.  This is linked to the Year 1 Science curriculum ‘Seasonal Changes’. Please help your child with any observations they make about what happens through the seasons.  This may include the weather, day length, how plants and animals respond to changes and even changes to personal clothing or diet.  A letter is attached to the inside of the booklet.  Have fun!

I will let you know on the blog when it is due back.

Blog is up and Running

Sorry for the delay on getting this blog up and running.

I have been amazed at how well each child has settled in to Year 1 and coping with the workload and lack of ‘choosing time’. I also want to thank you for all the reading you are doing with your children. Even in this short time I am seeing improvements.

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