Class 4


Year 1 Fashion Show

Year 1 had a wonderful day celebrating the history of clothes. We all dressed up in costumes from the 1900s, 1950s and 1970s. To end our day we had a fashion show and invited parents to come and watch us strut along the catwalk!


We’ve been busy learning the story of Smartie the Penguin to help us stay safe when using our tablets. We also drew wonderful posters using the Purple Mash program on the Macbooks.


We had a wonderful morning at Ninesprings! Working in teams we made dens, went on a mini beast hunt and also had fun pond dipping. We were amazed how many mini beasts we found, including a water scorpion!

Role Play

Year 1 have made the most of these lovely sunny September afternoons using their new role play shops purchased by the PTFA. Thank you very much!



Trip to Carymoor Environmental Centre.

Year 1 had a wonderful day at Carymoor. We started our day with a ‘seasons’ game, followed by a nature detective walk. We found slow worms, ant nests and even a grass snake skin! We listened to the spring birds sing and could hear the blackbird chaffinch, woodpecker and blue tit. We made lots of creatures including clay hedgehogs, dragonflies from willow and paper plant pots. We also played lots of

exciting games that helped us understand how plants grow and how dragonflies see.


To start our ‘Movie Making’ unit, we thought about how pictures moved before technology. We drew a picture of a bird on one side of a disc, and a cage on the other. When we rotated the disc quickly, it looked like the bird was in the cage! This is called a thaumatrope.


As part of our learning on the Arctic Circles, we have been exploring facts about different mammals that can survive in extreme conditions. Our favourite was the penguin, so we had a fun afternoon making our own.


Working in small groups, we recited a poem we wrote with Pete the Poet on World Book Day and filmed ourselves using the ipads.  Some of us were camera men/ladies.  We then used the Green Screen technique to make our poems really exciting … and scary!  Warning! If you don’t like snakes, this may be tough viewing!

Pete the Poet

Year 1 had a real treat today, a visit from Pete the Poet!  With a focus on nature and the wonderful Lost Words book, we discussed the adder.  We moved like adders, then generated lots of interesting vocabulary and made a class poem.  We are looking forward to continuing writing poetry as part of World Book Day.


To end our unit on the History of Toys, Mrs Farmer kindly brought her wonderful collection of rare old bears to our classroom.  She told us the materials they were made from, how their limbs were longer and moved easily and also how expensive they were!  We asked her lots of questions and were able to compare them to our own teddy bears.  Thank you Mrs Farmer!

China Day

Class 4 celebrated the Year of the Pig in style! We took part in a Chinese dance workshop learning how to perform the ancient dragon dance and also some peacock Tai Chi moves.  Lots of wonderful pig paintings were created and we all made a pig mask to take home.  What a great day!

World Religions Day

We had a fantastic afternoon looking at different religions from around the world and their symbols.  We then made a hand print and designed our own symbol, sticking it on our print.

Grandparents’ Toy Workshop

Year 1 children enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with their grandparents and parents discussing toys from the past.  We were amazed by the variety of toys that were brought along and also the materials they were made from.   A huge thank you to all the grandparents that shared their delightful toys and knowledge, it really was appreciated.

Toys’ Sleepover!

Well, Class 4’s cheeky toys got up to all sorts of mischief during their sleepover!  The unicorns and rabbit ate our fruit, the mermaids and dog dressed up, most of the games were found left out and not tidied away, some one had written on the boards and the money and cubes were scattered all over the place!  Worst of all, our maths books went missing so we couldn’t do any maths!  Fortunately, we found them in Class 10!

Christmas Party

Class 4 enjoyed a fantastic Christmas party, we even had a special visitor!

Nativity – Christmas Night

Well done Year 1 for all your hard work in learning your lines, remembering when to come on and off the stage and for singing so beautifully.  I’m sure your parents enjoyed it and were very proud!

Christmas Lunch

We were very full after this year’s Christmas lunch, some of us even ate all the brussel sprouts on our plate!

The Great Fire of London

Having made our tudor houses, we recreated The Great Fire of London in the playground.  Our houses were very close together, the fire spread quickly down Pudding Lane!

Fibonacci Day

We had a super day learning all about Fibonacci.  Who was he?  Why do we still remember him today?  What is the link between Fibonacci and nature?  Some very creative pattern work and spirals were produced.

Pirate Subtraction

To help us with our mathematics, we pretended to be pirates and one by one walked the plank!  We will definitely remember the number of pirates left on the ship got smaller!

Walk around local area

As part of our English unit on recounts, and Science unit on materials, we went for a brisk walk around the local area and looked at all the different types of homes.

Remembrance Art

Class 4 should be really proud of the fantastic art work they produced this week to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day.  I think we are probably one of the best classes in Huish at cutting out poppies!

Autumn Visit to Gore Farm

Year 1 had a fantastic time at Gore Farm woods looking for signs of Autumn.  We used our senses to see, smell, hear and feel autumn all around us.  We made a class autumn mobile and also worked in pairs gathering items to make a woodland collection.

Fashion Show

What a wonderful way to learn about the history of fashion!  Thank you parents for your support in attending our fashion show and also dressing your children so brilliantly.  We hope you enjoyed our show, the children certainly did!

Carnival Club Visit

As part of our History topic on Clothes, we were very fortunate to have a visit from a local carnival club.  We discussed the history of clothes and carnivals, tried on lots of different costumes and even had time for a little dance!


We are learning the story, Monkey See Monkey Do.  To help us with this we have been playing a monkey game and miming the story.


We have been busy bees practising our counting skills and are focusing on ‘one more than’ and ‘one less than’.

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