Class 6




In today’s Geography lesson we talked about foods from different countries. We were able to try some of the foods that we discussed. We have a variety of opinions on what we thought about the things that we tasted. Some of us loved them, some of us were not so sure! The important thing was that we learnt about what countries and what continents some of our everyday foods have originated from.
Some of the foods that we were able to try were: Coffee from Brazil, Naan bread from India, Croissant from France, Blueberries from USA and Figs from Egypt.

Welcome to class 6 2019-2020

Well done to all of the children in class 6 who have settled into year 2 so well. All of the children have been working very hard and are adapting to the new challenges of year 2.

In English we have been enjoying the stories of ‘The Tiger who came to Tea” and “On the way home”. In maths we have been learning about place value and extending our understanding of numbers to 100. In our geography lessons we have been learning about our world and we are learning about the 7 continents and 5 oceans. We have been trying to make our own globes using balloons. It has been messy but lots of fun!

To help us learnt the names of the 5 oceans we have also learnt a song to help us. We have enjoyed singing this in class.


Haynes Motor Museum - 6th June

As an introduction to our new history topic on Transport we visited Haynes Motor Museum. We were given a really interesting tour of the museum where we saw many different types of car, ranging from the first ever car invented to fast, expensive supercars of the modern day. We were able to ‘ride’ on a motorbike and also sit very comfortably in an old American Cadillac. We took part in a workshop where we learnt about the assembly line of Henry Ford. By working as a team and having specific jobs to do, we were able to build our own small model cars in a much quicker and more efficient way. We had a fantastic day and many of us have said we would love to go back with our families!


As an introduction to our new geography topic on Kenya we took Year 2 children on a school trip to Longleat Safari Park. Despite the rain and cold weather we had a fantastic time and children’s behaviour and enthusiasm to learn about the animals was excellent. We began our day with a trip around the safari park. Although some animals were looking rather cold and wet, some definitely came out to ‘perform’ for us. The lions and tigers were all on the prowl and the wolves took a liking to us and were trying to circle around our coach! We managed to find the one and only dry spot in Longleat and enjoyed our lunch together. We followed this with a jungle cruise. The highlight of this was when the man fed the very hungry sea lions. They were splashing up against the boat to try and catch some fish. It was a wonderful day and we all want home very tired. 


In RE we have started learning about the Easter Story and why Easter is an important celebration for Christians. We worked in teams to match pictures and sentences telling the story. We had to organise the pictures into the order in which they happened.

World Book Day: Pete the Poet – Tuesday 5th March 2019

Today we enjoyed a poetry session with Pete the Poet. Year 2 focussed on the ‘Otter’. We enjoyed thinking about vocabulary connected with otters and their behaviours and characteristics. We all worked together to help produce a poem about this wonderful animal. We are hoping to share our poem with some of the children in other year groups in this week’s assembly.

History Homework: Shakleton: February 2019

A massive well done to all of the children who worked so hard with their recent ‘pick and mix’ homework on Earnest Shakleton. We received some amazing posters, fact files and handmade ships. The children were all able to share their homework with their peers and show off some of the great work they have been doing at home. A huge thank you to some of those parents and grown ups who enjoyed helping out with this!!

Year 2 Wedding

As part of our RE unit on celebrations we have been learning about weddings. To help us to understand what happens during a christian wedding, we held a year group wedding of our own. We all had different roles to play within the wedding such as bride, groom, bridesmaids, best man, mother and father of the bride and guests. We enjoyed dressing up for the wedding into our smart clothes; a wedding ceremony; a best man’s speech and the cutting of the cake. We all had lots of fun.

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