Class 7


Christmas Jumper Day

We had a lovely day on Christmas jumper day and everyone looked very festive and raised money for Save the Children! We also had our Year 3 Christmas party, playing some games and enjoying a party tea together.

Fruit Tasting

Class 7 enjoyed tasting lots of different fruit from around the world this week, some of which we’d never tried before. We looked at the countries in which the fruit was grown and then found those places on a world map. We were surprised that some of the fruit we tried had travelled a very long way indeed to get to our supermarket! We decided our favourite - can you guess which it was?


In Year 3 we have been learning all about different types of skeletons and their roles in living things in our Science lessons this term.

We had a visit from Nick the Bug Man with his travelling show – Bugfest. He brought in lots of strange and exotic creatures for us to have a look at and we even got to touch and examine some of them closely although some of them were far too delicate or deadly! We saw tarantulas, millipedes, African land snails and stick insects amongst many others. Some of the creatures had interesting talents: don’t ask what a whip scorpion can do!

We had fun guessing whether each creature had an endo-, exo- or hydrostatic skeleton and found out that actually some creatures have more than one type!



Earth Science Centre Trip

On Friday 10th May, Class 7 visited The Earth Science Centre in Stoke St. Michael to support their learning and understanding of Rocks and Fossils. The children got to test the properties of rocks in order to classify and identify a number of rocks. As well as finding out about their uses in the world. The children also got to study a range of fossils and learn about how they were formed.
The highlight of the day was visiting a working quarry, which extracts limestone, mainly used in road building. It was exciting to watch the huge dumper trucks off load huge boulders into the crushing machines right in front of us! One group were also lucky in witnessing an explosion at the site.


In our Science topic, ‘Forces and Magnets’ we have been carrying out lots of experiments and investigations, including:

  • Which surface creates the most friction and slows a toy car down the most?
  • Which metals are magnetic?
  • Which magnet is the strongest?
  • Magnetising a needle to make our own compasses


Victorian Day

This term, year 3 have been learning about the Victorians and they were fortunate enough to get a guest into the school to help make their topic come alive! During their Victorian day, the children took part in a 20 minute live Victorian lesson with their guest acting as a Victorian teacher. Straight backs, polite manners and being presentable were on the agenda as our children tried to please the teacher. The children also learnt about the dreaded mines, school life and living conditions for the rich and poor children and the shops that were around during this interesting time. The children really enjoyed the experience and learnt many things.

Cheddar visit to the Cheddar Cheese and Chocolate Factories

This visit was to support our learning about where our food comes from, supporting our Geography topic on ‘Where does our lunch come from?’

Nov – Science Lesson

The children worked in groups to decide how they should group animals according to what they eat. By the end of the session they had all learnt about the terms: herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

Nov- Geography lesson

The children worked in pairs to locate European countries with the help an atlas. They first used the Contents page to find the most suitable map.

Oct- Science Lesson

Nick came with a collection of his wonderful creatures, so we could test out our knowledge of endo-, exo- and hydrostatic skeletons. Some of the animals originate in rainforest habitats, which will be our topic in the Summer term.

Sept – History Lesson –The Hook

We took part in our own archaeological dig. With the treasures we found, we thought about what evidence this might tell us about the people that once lived there. We found bones, fur, beads, pottery, shells, coins and other items

Sept – Science Lesson

We placed a chicken bone in vinegar – What happened and why?

Can we name the bones in our body?

Welcome to the Class 7 Blog.

We hope you enjoy looking at what we have been doing.

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