Class 8




Every morning, we practise our handwriting. We look at the joins and try our best to put these joins in our writing. Since September, the children have shown a great improvement in their handwriting.

Viking Homework

I was very impressed with the children's responses from the Viking pick n mix homework. The children bought in some great pieces! Well done!


We were very fortunate to have the Bugman in to link with our science topic. We looked at the different types of skeletons that humans and animals could have and the children were able to touch some of the creatures! They children acted really sensibly and they were an edit to the school.


During maths, the children were given a challenge to represent a number in as many different ways as possible. The children were amazed how numbers could be represented and they enjoyed the challenge of doing as many as they could. Afterwards, we looked at even larger numbers!

Health and Relationships

During our health and relationships sessions, we looked at the effects that a positive and negative can have on someone. The children were tasked with going around the class writing positive comments about each other but they were not allowed to write who the comment was from. The children loved reading their positive comments!


As part of our Viking topic, the children went on a raid for information. Scattered around the school were key questions for them to answer and they did well locating the majority of them! I was very impressed with their teamwork and the way they helped each other out!

The children had settled in really well to class 8 and are getting to grips with the expectations of year 3. They have enjoyed their new reading books with all of them having completed AR quizs already. A massive well done to the majority of children who regularly hand in their reading records each day.



As part of our curriculum, class 8 made their very own pasta bakes, which they greatly enjoyed doing! Mr Andrew was very impressed with the range of products that the class brought in including the wholewheat pasta, a wide range of meats and vegetables, basil and some spicy pasta sauce to name a few! From the pictures, it’s clear to see that they enjoyed cooking and tasting their wonderful creations!

Quarry Trip

The year 3 children were very lucky to visit a live quarry this term to link with our rocks and fossils topics. The children got to visit a live quarry and they were given a tour around the place! They got to watch rocks being crushed and they were told about the different levels of the quarry. We also learnt about sustainability and what would happen once the quarry had used up all of its resources. In addition, they were given the opportunity to learn how fossils were made over many…many…many years ago and looked at the different types of stone found in the ground. It was a great trip and the weather certainly helped on both days!


The children really enjoyed their maths session today and it wasn't because of the Smarties that they were using! Although it probably did help. The children were asked to investigate if there was always the same amount of Smarties in each tube and the same amount of colours. They worked out the averages of each colour. By the end of the lesson, they found out that each tube had a different amount of Smarties with difference colours! The children really enjoyed the lesson and they were able to eat their Smarties at the end!

China Day

The children really enjoyed China day! They made their own dragons and took part in a Chinese Dance. The children learnt about the different animals that are celebrated each year. They really enjoyed the day!

Victorian Day

This term, year 3 have been learning about the Victorians and they were fortunate enough to get a guest into the school to help make their topic come alive! During their Victorian day, the children took part in a 20 minute live Victorian lesson with their guest acting as a Victorian teacher. Straight backs, polite manners and being presentable were on the agenda as our children tried to please the teacher. The children also learnt about the dreaded mines, school life and living conditions for the rich and poor children and the shops that were around during this interesting time. The children really enjoyed the experience and learnt many things.

Remembrance Day and The Vikings

During the half term, we set the children the challenge of producing something based around our history project of the Vikings. I was very impressed with what the children brought in!

We also asked the children to bring in items based around WW2 and Remembrance Day which they their family might have. It was pleasing to see so many children participate and bring something in!

The Bug Man

To tie into our science theme of animals including humans, we learnt about the skeletons of humans/animals and whether they have endo,exo or hydrostatic skeletons. The children enjoyed having the bugman in and we learnt about some new animals including their skeleton features!

Times tables 

In class, we know how important our times tables are! We practise them most days to become proficient in them.

It's all about the place value

In Maths, we have enjoyed learning about place value and have used many different ways to represent numbers. The children have represented it in both number form and visual picture form. The Maths lessons are going really well with the children learning many new things!

A Muddy Affair!

As part of our Viking topic, the children dug up artefacts and used their detective skills to depict what the item could be and where it was from. The children are very much enjoying our Vikings topic and have found out lots of wonderful information about the subject.

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