Class 9


Ancient Egyptian Hook day

Year 4’s hook day began with some Egyptian maths. Using the Ancient Egyptian symbols they were given, the children worked hard to solve a range of increasingly complicated problems.

Later on, Year 4 studied a range of Ancient Egyptian death masks. They used these ideas to design their very own death masks, which they made by painting paper plates. Whilst looking at death masks, the children explored the Ancient Egyptian mummification process and even had a go at mummifying one of their classmates!

In the afternoon, the children learnt who built the Egyptian Pyramids and what they would have been used for in Ancient Egyptian times. They then created their own 3-D pyramids by decorating the net of a square based pyramid with hieroglyphics before folding and sticking them to create the 3-D shape.



Human Digestive System

As part of our unit looking at the human body, Year 4 recreated the human digestive system using a number of different resources including tights, cups and sandwich bags! The children loved squelching the banana, biscuits and orange juice in the stomach, but were less keen when things got messy replicating the role of the intestines!


Having learnt about the mighty Roman army and their tactics in warfare, the children were given the opportunity design their own Roman shields! Once completed, you may hear the children marching round the school campus in military formations!

Class 9 visit to hill fort!

Last Wednesday, Class 9 travelled back in time to visit the New Barn Field Centre near Dorchester and learn more about life in the Iron Age! In the morning, the children churned butter, used a variety of tools to create wheat flour, attempted to make fire using Iron Age tools and used a pestle and mortar to create a herbal poultice that could be applied to an injury. After lunch, the class were taken into a replica roundhouse and learnt more about day-to-day life in the Iron Age!

Volcanic Eruptions

We had great fun in Year 4 erupting our volcanoes! By mixing baking soda, washing up liquid, water, food colouring and vinegar, we were able to replicate how lava flows out of the main vent and covers the surrounding areas. Unfortunately, the mentos and coke experiment failed so Mr Deane will attempt this again in the summer months!


As part of their Geography project, Year 4 enjoyed making their volcanoes, using a plastic water bottle and paper mache.   The children are looking forward to see their creations erupt after the half term break!

Mosaic Poppies for Remembrance

As part of our the children learning about Armistice Day, they have created a mosaic poppy in the style of one of the artists we look at in Year 4, Antonio Gaudi. Each pupil has created a poppy and worked together to create a piece of scenery for our Flanders Field display that will be up in the main corridor in the coming weeks!

Class 9 becomes a wabet for the afternoon!

The children have been excited about this lesson for several weeks now as it gave them the opportunity to use the Ancient Egyptian mummification process on their very own teddies. Following a detailed step-by-step guide, the children prepared the body by washing it with oils, carefully removed the vital organs and brain before finally wrapping their teddies in linen bandages!

Here are some of the photos from the afternoon!

Mr Egypt visits Huish!

The Year 4 children had a fantastic day learning about life in Ancient Egypt from a professional Egyptologist. They began the day by learning about how Ancient Egypt was formed and what life was like as a child at that time. Following this, the children discussed the different foods the Egyptians grew and how they paid their taxes to the almighty Pharaoh. After break, the children were back in the classroom but learning all about Ancient Egyptian maths and hieroglyphics. They solved a variety of puzzles and problems and we will look to continue this in class over the coming weeks. In the afternoon, Mr Egypt talked to the children about his own discoveries in the Valley of the Kings and he even allowed the children to hold a variety of ancient items of jewellery and burial objects! The final task involved a lot of toilet paper and some resident mummies as the children had to work in teams to follow the Egyptian techniques used for mummification. As you can see from the photos, the children loved the day and they are all hoping to become Egyptologists in the future! Well done Year 4!

Class 9 discover lost Egyptian artifacts!

Hello and welcome to the Class 9 blog! I hope the children are settling well into Year 4 and are enjoying our current learning topics! In History this week, we travelled to Egypt and became expert archaeologists. After learning all about the job and the tools used, the class carefully excavated a variety of lost Egyptian treasures and we discussed what we had learnt from our find! Here are some photos of the site!

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