Remembrance Day

We all enjoyed learning about the importance of remember day and why this day is so important to remember those who lost their life to save our country.  

Year 1 enjoyed painting a sunrise, crosses and poppies. 

In reception the children made poppies and put them together to create a class wreath. They laid their wreath next to the Huish flag pole to show their respects.

At 11 o’ clock on 11th November we all respected the 2-minute silence and thought of all those that had sacrificed their lives.

Somerset Literacy Network Poetry Competition

Earlier in the year, the school entered the Somerset Literacy Network Poetry competition, which had a focus around faces. Children in the school were instructed to create poems based on a face. This could be their face, a famous human’s face or an animal’s face? Both KS1 and KS2 classes participated and we are very proud to announce that we were recognised for some excellent poetry created by the children at the school. Please see the results below.

Joint second place for upper KS2 in Somerset receiving both a frame of his poem, certificate and poem book – Toby

ighly Commended poems receiving certificates – Isiah (y4), Lorna (y6) and Maisie (Y6)

Commended poems receiving certificates – Amelia (y1), Mia (y3), Evie (y4), Maja (y5), Isabella, Rebekah, Alfie and Jacob (y6)

We look forward to participating again in the poetry competition next year and continuing to be recognised for our children’s wonderful work!


Science Week

Last week at Huish we celebrated British Science Week 2021. This is a ten-day celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Our aims for the week were:
• To broaden children’s understanding of what Science is and how diverse this can be.
• Encourage children to find out more about Scientist who have shaped our world.
• Engage children in working scientifically to develop their own Science skill set.

What a fantastic week we all had! Not only did we challenge children’s perceptions of what Scientists do… we researched and discovered amazing facts about Scientists who contributed to our understanding of the World around us.
Each class enjoyed a great week of ‘Hands on Science’, with the focus for activities taking an enquiry, practical approach. All children worked hard to develop their Science Skills set through;
• Observing changes
• Noticing patterns
• Grouping and classifying
• Fair testing

Reception and Year 1 incorporated these skills into their unit on Plants, involving them growing cress, runner beans and planting sunflower seeds in the outdoor classroom.

Year 2 spent the week learning about Materials and investigating which materials acted as the best thermal insulators. They learnt about Charles Macintosh and the invention of the waterproof coat.


Year 3 completed a range of investigations based around some interesting questions. How is water transported around a plant? Where are the highest concentrations of germs round the school? How can you make heavy objects float? They researched a range of famous Scientists including Alexander Fleming, Jane Colden and Archimedes.


Year 4 spent the week thinking about solids, liquids and gasses. They investigated a range of questions such as “Can materials reverse their change in states a matter?” & “Can all liquids freeze and if so, do they freeze at the same temperature?” They also researched Alexander Bell and the way that he revolutionized the way in which we communicate.


Year 5 developed their Science skills set through their unit on Space. They investigated which material would make the best heat shield for a rocket and made a pocket solar system. There were so many big questions to answer! “Is there a pattern between the size of a planet and the time it takes to travel around the sun?” “Who was Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock and how has she contributed to space science.”


Year 6 have been investigating Electricity. They made simple circuits to light a bulb and then drew their circuits using accurate scientific symbols. They found out about Michael Faraday who used Volta’s work to create an electric motor. They were then given an enquiry question “How can you make a fairground ride move?” and in teams children worked with construction materials to design and build a fairground ride powered by a motor.


To conclude our Science week children shared their Science learning with their grown ups at home and took part in some ‘Pick and Mix” Science homework. It has been so lovely to share the wonderful investigations you have engaged in and a real treat to see other members of your family getting involved too, so well done to you all! Keep being curious! Keep asking questions! As Albert Einstein famously said “The important thing is never to stop questioning.”

Computing Competition

Before half-term, we launched the Huish 2K21 Gaming Competition which challenged pupils to design and create their own maze-style games on PurpleMash. Each day, the children completed a particular element of their game and embedded this within their theme. Older year groups even added a multi-level feature to their games and thought carefully about how each level became more challenging to complete. In total, we received over 150 entries from children across a range of year groups and all the staff were blown away by the fantastic efforts created. Well done to all the pupils who entered and congratulations to our winners!

Safer Internet Day 2021 

On Tuesday 8th February, Huish took part in Safer Internet Day 2021. The day focused on deciding how we can decide what and who to trust online. As part of the day, we looked at an assembly that reminded us of some of the ways we can stay safe online. KS1 looked at some stories that explored different aspects of trust online. These included the story of Digiduck.
KS2 completed a range of activities, including exploring different scenarios online, and completing a ’bingo’ card based around a research task. Children also took part in a Guinness World Record attempt – the most people to take part in an online safety event! In order to play their part in the attempt, children across the school made an online pledge to make the internet a better place.

Many children will be spending more time with technology during lockdown, and that can be a source of worry for parents. London Grid for Learning (LGfL) suggest these six top tips for keeping children safe in these circumstances:

  • Don’t worry about screen time; aim for screen quality
  • Check the safety settings are turned on
  • Get your children to show you their apps and games
  • Don’t try to hide the news about coronavirus
  • Remind them of key online safety principles

If you aren’t sure, ASK!

For more details about each of these tips, download the full size version of the LGfL poster at:


Mental Health Week

This term, we were delighted to celebrate Children’s Mental Health Week with the theme of ‘Express Yourself’ and the children at Huish certainly did ‘express themselves!’ During this tricky time, children’s mental health has never been more important and it was delightful to see that all of the classes took part in many of the activities that were put forward during the week.

Monday – Watching an assembly, drawing your very own happy place and having a go at some mindfulness.

Tuesday – Children watching a video of turning mistakes into something beautiful, the squiggle activity where they turned a squiggle into an actual animal and having a go at painting with their favourtie colours.

Wednesday – Guessing the emotions of a clip from ‘Inside Out’, drawing things that make you happy and drawing what emotions might look like on paper.

Thursday – Watching ‘Inside Out’ and how sadness can help to make someone feel better, spending time with family members and discussing favourite things and helping mum and dad with an activity.

Friday – Watching The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse and creating their own pages from the book and taking a picture of something they feel is beautiful.

Below, you can see some of the wonderful work that our children created! It was a joy to see so many children participating in the event.

A massive well done to everyone that took part!

Mental health doesn’t just affect children, it can affect adults as well. 1 in 6 school aged children in the UK now has a diagnoseable mental health disorder, which is an increase from 1 in 9 in 2017 (Place2Be). 1 in 4 adults will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year in England (MIND). As always, the school is always here for support for both children and parents. There are a number of charity organisations for adults should you wish for support, one of them is listed below.
CALM – CALM is the Campaign Against Living Miserably. A charity providing a mental health helpline and webchat.—0800 58 58 58 (5pm – midnight) -

Once Upon a Time - National Storytelling Week 

Children at Huish have been working in partnership with Yeovil District Hospital to celebrate National Storytelling Week (30th January - 6th February) and the fantastic work of the NHS. The children worked hard to create their own story, which celebrates figures through history who we remember for their valuable contribution to medicine, and highlights the amazing work currently being undertaken by the NHS, and the scientists creating vaccines, in the fight against Covid-19. One day, it is these people who will be remembered in history for their great commitment, sacrifice and trailblazing steps during this pandemic. 

We hope you enjoy the important story the children tell in their video.

International Day - Australia

Huish Primary school enjoyed a fun filled International Celebration Day focusing this year on Australia. This annual event forms part of the British Council’s International School Award and is part of a whole school approach to international teaching and learning.

It has been very different for us this year, as most of the children have been learning from home due to the current pandemic. The children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring Australia through a wide range of cross curricular activities including art, music, geography history and maths. They have been very creative developing different pieces of art work, baking Anzac biscuits and producing interesting research posters and PowerPoints.

This action packed day was a great opportunity for Huish children to have a break from their normal home schooling daily routine and learn new skills and gain the cultural understanding and skills from another part of the world.

Christmas Performances

Our Christmas performances are available to view by clicking below.   We hope you enjoy them.

Winter Displays

This term the children have been working on some winter pictures and poems for their winter displays.

'The Lord’s Larder' Collection.

Thank you to all the parents and staff for their generous donations for this years Harvest Festival. With more families struggling during the current situation donations have been appreciated more than ever.

So far Yeovil’s Lords Larder has supported 247 adults and 158 children with food parcels in September! With our support they have given food parcels to 5,500 people this year!


Keyworker Children

Critical keyworker children who are attending the provision at Huish Primary School created this fantastic banner to support our NHS keyworkers during the Easter holidays.    They also took part in many other activities during this time.


Poet visits Huish!

Children and staff were very excited when the poet Joseph Coelho visited our school on 16th March! Joseph is a performance poet and a playwright. He has won numerous awards and has been a guest on Cbeebies Rhyme Rock and Radio 4’s Poetry Playtime. Joseph delivered a whole school assembly, followed by workshops in Years 5 and 6. Some amazing poems were created throughout the day, poems about sport, sweets, technology, emotions and even cheese!

Acrostic Poets

Some of our Year 1 children entered a national Young Writers’ Acrostic Animal Adventures competition. Nationally, there were over 15,000 entries! We were delighted to hear that some of the poems had been chosen for publication in ‘My First Acrostic: Animal Adventures – Poetry Gems book! Well done everyone!


Writing Workshop

On Thursday 16th January, six able writers from years 5 and 6 took part in an exciting, author-led, workshop: Magic Spark to Manuscript. Published author, Kathryn Evans certainly sparked the imaginations of every child present. Throughout the day, Kathryn encouraged children to share and develop their ideas through a number of ‘hands-on’, verbal and written tasks. By the end of the day, every child had a plan for an entire novel! Kathryn’s great enthusiasm for writing and the fun ways she taught during the session resulted in a great day for all. The only thing she asked in return was an acknowledgement in the back of their first book! At the end of the day, Kathryn kindly gave all children a signed copy of one of her poems.

Safer Internet Day 2020

Please see our Online Safety News page for details of the activities the children undertook throughout the week and to view all the videos the children made and performed.

International Day 2020

As part of Huish International Celebration Day, this year we focussed on the amazing continent of Africa.  Throughout the school, children took part in a variety of cross curricular activities from catching a plane to Africa, learning lots of new geographical facts and of course lots of art.  All year groups took part in a very energetic African dance workshop and each class performed to each other.  Lots of teaching and learning took place in this fun filled, action packed day!

Carol Service

With the Carol Service behind us and the Nativity performances well under way we are all feeling the festive spirit.
Our Carol Concert was held at St John’s Church on Monday 9th December. Our year 5 and 6 students retold the story 'Christmas for Ominous Ruckus' by James Cary. The Rev Dudley-Smith told us the traditional Christmas story with a ‘crisp’ twist.
The collection at the end of the service raised £258.12 for our chosen charity this year SANDS - Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society.
Thank you to all Rev Dudley-Smith for his hospitality again this year, the children who all took part and to the family that came along and supported the service.

Helicopter Landing

Tuesday 10th December – What can we say? With the arrival of storm Atiyah we were convinced that our planned visit from Yeovilton’s Wildcat helicopter would have been postposed!
But despite the wet and windy weather they didn’t disappoint. All wrapped up, off we went and stood out in the rain to greet the pilots (and santa’s elves) from 815 Naval Air Squadron.

A massive thank you to all the crew at Yeovilton for giving the children (and staff) an experience they wont forget any time soon!

Christmas Dinner

A huge thank you to all the Chartwell’s staff for making the Christmas Dinner a success.

DON’T FORGET TO BOOK YOUR LUNCHES for the Spring term on the ParentPay system before the end of December.

Star Readers

Well done to this half term’s star readers
Class 3—Tristan                  Class 4—Ela
Class 5—Maisie                   Class 6– Freddy
Class 7—Iyla-Rose              Class 8—Jake
Class 9—Toby                     Class 10—Abigail
Class 11—Leo                     Class 12—Lily
Class 13—Ffion                   Class 14—Nerys

Well done to Abigail who has also achieved millionaire status!


Lords Larder

Thank you for all your donations for our harvest collection.
Already this year, agency workers have helped 1700 adults and 880 children in need covering towns and villages in South Somerset and North West Dorset. With the donations received Lords Larder can continue to meet the demands for food parcels now and into 2020.


Robot Workshop

On Tuesday Mrs Briggs and Mr Mustafic came in to school armed with a variety of robots and other technical equipment. A group of children from years 4, 5, and 6 spent a morning at the Robot Workshop, learning how to code the different types of robotic equipment, such as the Code-a-Pillars (changing the segments to perform different functions, change direction,etc), the Micro-bits (program to show messages on led displays) and the Ohbot (could be programmed to move and speak). Mrs Allen showed the children how to use the Lego Mindstorms software and download it onto the Mindstorm bots.
Later in the session the children worked in groups and together produced a “Strictly” display of synchronised dancing Code-a-Pillars and Mindstorms, complete with scores recorded by the judges on their micro-bits and introductions from Ohbot.

International Award

As part of our international learning, we have lots of exciting activities planned throughout the year to enhance children’s global awareness. This term, Year 2 children have been learning the seven continents of the world. Every child has made a papier mache globe, painted and added the continents. To aid learning, wild animals from each continent have been researched and food from each continent has been tasted. Surprisingly, coffee was very popular!


Poetry Slam

On Friday, five of the Highly Commended poets (Nerys, Jacob, Poppy, Oliver and Wilbur) went to a poetry slam with the poet Rachel Rooney at the beautiful Dillington House. Here they were presented with their certificates before performing a poem called The Sound Collector by Roger McGough to an audience of adults & children from other schools. They then enjoyed a piece of chocolate cake before playing in the bubble zone. The afternoon was rounded up with a talk by the poet, Rachel Rooney who performed some of her poems and gave them tips for writing poetry. They all had a fantastic afternoon and represented Huish brilliantly. Well done!

Somerset Literacy Network Poetry Competition

We are very proud of the children in KS2 who entered the SOMERSET LITERACY NETWORK POETRY COMPETITION 2019: TIP TOP TREES. We received some exciting news this week when we were notified of the children who had been recognised for their writing - Well done! What a fantastic achievement! Here is the email we received:

'Thank you for entering the Tip Top Trees Competition. We had over 1300 entries and the standard was very high. Congratulations to all entrants, particularly the prize-winners, highly commended, commended and shortlisted poets! Your school’s results are given below.


Nerys (Upper KS2)
Jacob (Upper KS2)
Wilbur (Lower KS2)
Oliver (Lower KS2)
Poppy (Lower KS2)

Those who have been commended have been invited to attend the Poetry Slam at Dillington House in July where their certificate will be presented to them by guest poet Rachel Rooney and will take part in a poetry workshop during their half day visit.


Ralph (Lower KS2)
Lena (Lower KS2)
Lucas (Lower KS2)'

Somerset Wellbeing

As a school, we have been working towards achieving the Somerset Wellbeing award to recognise the positive work that we do towards ensuring that children leave our school healthy and positive! The Somerset Wellbeing award asks participating schools to collect evidence about how they are integrating health and wellbeing within the ethos and culture of their school.

We are very pleased to announce that we will be one of the first schools to be awarded a Wellbeing Award having passed the first part of the specifications. Furthermore, we are one of only five schools who have been asked by the Public Health Association to give a presentation at their awards event in front of many schools to put forward the great work that we are doing! This is a great achievement and we are pleased that our efforts in school have been recognised.

Plastic Free Week

This year’s focus for Waste Week was on Plastics. To encourage a reduction in the use of single use plastics, Huish held a ‘Plastic Free Week’. During this week Miss Major delivered an assembly to the Key Stage 2 children, stressing the impact of plastics on our planet and the small steps we can make as individuals to reduce, reuse and recycle plastics. Children also took part in workshops and class activities throughout the week. Year groups and classes also carried out a survey before and after the week of the single use plastics in their lunch boxes. As a school we counted 632 before the focus and 460 after. A BIG WELL DONE goes to Class 12, who managed to reduce their single use plastic count by 54 pieces on their day of recounting.

A BIG WELL DONE also goes to Class 3 who collected the most milk bottle tops (1963) As a school we collected 8372 altogether, which have all been taken to a collection point and will aid the Somerset and Dorset Air Ambulance charity.

As a result of the week, we look forward to you and your children’s support in trying to reduce the amount of single use plastics used and in recycling plastics at home.

We are continuing to collect milk bottle tops in classes for charity, but stress that these need to be washed before handing in, due to time restraints in school. Thank you.

World Book Day and Pete the Poet's visit

To help us celebrate World Book Day, the children at Huish investigated the brilliant book, ‘The Lost Words’ by Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris.

The book contains poems about nature and consists of words that are fading from the English language as children are spending less time outdoors discovering the wonders of nature around them.

The children explored the nature that is around the school grounds, collected word banks, listened to and performed poetry throughout the week. Furthermore, they made observational sketches, used pastels and watercolours of some of our British endangered species

Over two days, each year group spent time with Pete The Poet who discussed the beauty of ‘The Lost Words’ and reassured them that it is ok not to understand every part of a poem, but to enjoy it for the way it makes you feel.

Sharing assemblies were held to celebrate the work and achievements created over the week.

Reading Awards

December 2018 Star Readers were:- Class 3—Frankie; Class 4— Nikita Sky; Class 5 —Isiah; Class 6—Augustine; Class 7—Toby; Class 8— Daisy; Class 9—Poppy; Class 10—Archie; Class 11– Ffion; Class 12—Jacob; Class 13—Fiona; Class 14—Arabella

February 2019 Star Readers are: -Class 3—Elsa; Class 4—Julia; Class 5—Holly; Class 6—Ruby; Class 7—Jacob; Class 8—Jaxon; Class 9—Chloe; Class 10—Ellis; Class 11—Grace; Class 12—Aimee; Class 13—Isla; Class 14—Finley

Our Millionaire Readers and Reading Challenge Awards were awarded to:-
Millionaire Readers—Toby, Poppy, Michael, Nathan, Isla, Florence and Arabella.
Double Millionaire—Abigail
Reading Challenge—Jayden

China Day 2019

Huish Primary School celebrated Chinese New Year in style!  Now an annual cultural event, pupils celebrated their strong link with their partner school in China, Dongcheng Primary.

All year groups took part in a Chinese dance workshop, learning how to perform the ancient dragon dance and Tai Chi exercises. A variety of cross curricular activities took place in every classroom to celebrate the Year of the Pig, from origami to baking pig biscuits!

Head of School, Vaughan Hillier-Nickels said, “It’s been an incredibly enjoyable day for children to experience Chinese culture. As part of our International School Award, this annual event is a wonderful opportunity for children at Huish to engage and flourish in their cultural and global learning.”

World Religions Day

The whole school marked World Religions Day on 21st January.  The purpose of World Religions Day is to highlight the idea that the principles underlying the world's religions are harmonious.  Each class looked at similarities between the world religions such as the importance of love, kindness and caring for one another.  Some classes focused on symbolism in world religions and researched or designed their own symbols.  Some of the work produced during the day has been displayed in the Hall. 



We have been fortunate to receive a donation from the Royal Naval Lodge of £250. This money will be used to provide resources for our Learning Centre.

Carol Singing in the Community

Huish choirs have been busy over the past 2 weeks, singing at a number of Residential homes. The KS2 choir have visited Ivelhurst, Cool Runnings Too, and Grovelands care homes —the residents really enjoyed their singing and asked them to come back soon.   The Year 2 and 3 choir also visited Tyndale Nursing Home and were brilliant representatives of Huish!

We now look forward to a rest over Christmas and then the choirs start back on the first week of term.

Christingle Service 

The children of KS2 attended the Christingle service led by Mr Rodd.  The Rev Dudley-Smith shared the meaning of each element of the  Christingle orange as part of the Christian Story. 

Carol Concert

Our annual Carol Concert was held at St John’s Church on Monday 3rd December.  Our House Captains told the story “Refuge” by Anne Boath and Sam Usher.  Our school choirs performed an array of songs accompanied by our very talented musicians, and the congregation sang brilliantly too.   The Rev Dudley-Smith told us the story of how Jelly Babies were rebranded as Peace Babies after WWI and that each colour represented a country who fought in the conflict. The collection at the end of the service raised £260.10 for the Charity ‘War Child’.

KS1 Nativity Plays

This year each of our year groups performed their own plays to their parents.   The title of Year 2’s play was “The Meaning of Christmas”, Year 1 ‘s was Christmas Night with Reception performing the  “The First Christmas”.   A fantastic amount of talent was on display which captivated their audiences.

Modern Foreign Languages

Year 4 went up to Westfield to learn French, Italian and Russian, as well as to show off their Spanish skills.  The children were taught by GCSE pupils from Westfield and Preston, who were very impressed by the children’s knowledge.

Fibonacci Day

On November 23rd we celebrated Fibonacci Day. Throughout the school we spent the day completing maths activities based on the works of Fibonacci – A famous mathematician who discovered a pattern called the Fibonacci sequence. Lots of children worked on patterns and recognising the Fibonacci sequence in nature.  Alongside some excellent mathematical work throughout the day, many of the children produced some beautiful art and pattern work.

Remembrance Day

The school showed its respect for the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1 with some fantastic art displays around the school.  The school held their two minute silence in the grounds on Friday 9th November and collections were held on behalf of the Poppy Appeal.



House Cup - Newton are winners!

Congratulations to  Newton House who have secured the most house points this term and were awarded the House Cup.  The house captains are pictured with the Trophy.


OctReadingAward.pngReading Awards

Well done to this half term’s Star Readers. Class 3- Daniel; Class 4 - Mia; Class 5 - Millie; Class 6 - Caleb; Class 7 - Isabella Class 8 - Abigail; Class 9 - Michael; Class 10 - Nathan; Class 11 - Grace; Class 12 - Morgan; Class 13 - Ruby; Class 14 - Callum;

International Awardinternationalawrd.png

Huish has got lots planned this year to enhance our international learning throughout the school.  Every year group will be learning about different continents and countries and the many diverse cultures around the globe.  China Day will be in February, and pen pals writing to partner schools in Spain and China will continue to flourish.


Lamda.pngLAMDA success!

Congratulations to last year’s Year 5 and 6 pupils and Mrs Millard for achieving fantastic results in the LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) awards. This year at Huish, Mrs Price will lead our LAMDA classes. The aim of LAMDA classes is to provide the opportunity for pupils to develop important life skills. Developing pupils’ self-confidence and promoting good communication skills are important attributes to achieving success in life. Achieving an award in LAMDA will also provide pupils with a great sense of achievement.


House Captains and Sports Captains

Congratulations to our newly appointed House and Vice House Captains  who went through a rigorous process  to be selected to represent their houses.  They are looking forward to the house competitions this year and representing the school.  Look out for them in the mornings opening the door to parents and visitors. 


Harvest - Lord's Larder Collection

Thank you for all your donations for our harvest collection.  Already this year, working agency workers have helped 1700 adults and 880 children in need covering towns and villages in South Somerset and North West Dorset.   With the  donations received Lords Larder can continue to meet the demands for food parcels now and into 2019.  Thank you.  


Welcome to our Reception Children

Classes 1 and 2 have settled really well into school life. Children enter the classroom independently and confidently. The children have enjoyed making friends and getting to know the adults. They have started to recognise and write their names and are learning letter sounds and numbers.  Mrs Ireland and Miss Edmonds would like to thank  parents for their support in making the transition into school successful.

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